Avonlee [senior.2015]

Old Sacramento is one of my all-time favorite places for photo sessions. There are so many old buildings, unique walls and fun textures to use as backdrops.  Since we went there for Lillian’s session 3 years ago, we had to revisit the old town for Avonlee’s session. I am thrilled we were able to fit this photo session in last December. We also fit in some Janik cousin time which involved a shoe picture, an official fisheye photo, “interesting coffee”, and insanely good burgers.

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2015-05-07_0011Pin itAvonlee…I can’t believe your graduating!!!

I love the compassion you have for others, the way you care for your family, and your heart for Christ.  You are one incredible videographer/editor, I love seeing your creations. And…you have a rocking sense of fashion, I love your creative outfit combinations for this session.

I am so excited for all the new adventures in store for you. Wishing you God’s blessings on the next phase of you life. Much love, Amanda

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 I love this set..her blue eyes just pop!

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We love this bridge…talk about mustard glory!

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In the fall…one must throw leaves.

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