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It has been a quiet 4 months on the blog, but I’m excited to say that is changing. The blog has been quiet mainly because some ridiculously cute Captain asked me to marry him and move to Texas.  Yes, planning a wedding and moving to the great state of Texas takes some time (yes, I used the word great…just to make Matt smile).  I am not yet convinced that Texas is the best state, but I have to say that I have been pleasantly surprised. And wow, even though I know it is unusual for Texas I am loving all this rain and greenery!

Today is Friday, so I’m celebrating with a post about 5 things I think are fabulous.

1.  Skype is the best, I should probably buy stock in the company.  I am thrilled I grew up in this era, I don’t know how people did long distance before video chat.  My sister and I have discovered that sharing screens and watching a movie together is quite fun. Why you ask….simply because we can make comments, laugh and pull apart the movie together. Best. Thing. Ever.

2.  My desk is a huge mess and I love it.  It is full of stamps, thank you cards, photos from our wedding, client albums, my coffee cup, sweet sticky notes from my husband and several other various projects I have been tackling this week. A full, messy desk means I have lots of work and that folks, is something to be happy about. I am fully convinced that messy desks are necessary to success. They don’t have to stay that way long term…but they mean you have work to do. Would you agree?

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3.  Moms are the best.  Best of all, I have two this year! I am so thankful for the Skype chats, phone conversations and texts I receive from these two ladies. My Mom is one of those super influential women you would never know about. She doesn’t take any credit for all her hard work, she just plugs away and keeps encouraging, loving and giving to those God has placed in her life. I love that she is always ready for an adventure, goes above and beyond to help others, and ready to cry with me when I need a shoulder. She is the most caring, patient and constant person I know, I am so thankful for her love and example.

And this year…I have Matt’s mom. Even though we haven’t had a large amount of time to get to know each other, I am thankful for the son she raised. I know that he would not be the respectful and caring man he is without an amazing Mom.  I am reaping the benefits of all her hard work and for that I am grateful.  I look forward to her upcoming visit and all the fabulous coffee, wine and cheese we will eat! Oww..and maybe we will watch the Doctor.

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4.  You probably all know this…but food is the best. We have been enjoying lots of good eats lately. Abilene has some pretty fun stuff, like Jack and Jill donuts. We enjoyed German apple pancake and fresh oranges from our Florida honeymoon on the back porch last Sunday. To counter all the calories we are partaking of we have started biking in the non-rainy afternoons. The lake near our house is quite pretty with all the green grass and wildflowers. The only negative is that mosquitos love me.

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5.  Matt took me to see Avengers last night. Over our honeymoon we watched the superhero movies I had forgotten or had never seen.  Since I was fully educated, I enjoyed it quite thoroughly. And…even though he feels like a teenager in this shirt, the Captain humored me and wore his Captain America shirt. He is the best! Did you see Avengers? Who is your favorite character?

IMG_20150508_081408_resizedPin itAnd I’ll end with my favorite quote for the week. “Outside the will of God there’s absolutely nothing to want and inside the will of God there’s absolutely nothing to fear.” – Ann Voskamp

Hope y’all have a fabulous weekend. Cheers, Amanda

  • Helen StirlingMay 9, 2015 - 5:48 pm

    A marriage made in Heaven is the best ever!! We can attest to that, and should the Lord tarry, we pray that you will have the same happy life together with Matt that Glen and I have had for all of these 53 years. :-)ReplyCancel

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