the farmhouse []

You know those houses where you feel instantly at home.  A home where you can put up your feet and not think about if its proper. Those places where laughter is strong and sarcasm a welcome quality.  A place where honesty is real yet sweet, a home where free expression of one’s thoughts and ideas is encouraged.

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20140827_102114_resizedPin itThis is the farmhouse, I have a strong nostalgia for this place and love coming to visit.  So yes, I super enjoyed spending the first two day of vacation doing absolutely nothing but visiting, watching movies with Johnny and eating so much of MaryAnna’s amazing food (seriously, BEST. COOK. EVER)!

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AMJ09Pin itSpeaking of MaryAnna…I need to tell you all how awesome this lady is! She is one of the most sacrificial and constant people I know (I can say this because I have know her for 23 years!)  Whether feeding her family or making sure the boys get to practice on time she always places others first.  MaryAnna has this innate since of when everyone will become hungry and just when that moment happens…she appears with amazing and delicious food…ready for consumption!! I’m pretty sure it’s a superpower!  I love how she is always checking up with people to see if there doing okay.  I am so thankful she still likes to hang with me, still tells me her honest opinion and still goes along with my crazy ideas (like sleeping under the stars near the annoying dogs)! So thank you MaryAnna for always being there!

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AMJ13Pin itSince I have such a big food obsession let’s start there! To begin vacation right, one must start with a sugar overload. Yes, thats right we had homemade chocolate chip cookies, Tillamook ice cream and milkshakes (thank you Julie) all for dessert the first evening! The next morning we had the famous oven-puffed pancake…I can’t explain the love I had for that pancake…so incredibly light, airy and overall amazing are a few words to describe it.

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AMJ01-3Pin itThe rest of the morning we spent packing up food (what else) and deciding which chick flicks to pack for the trip! We also tried to get a photo with all the luggage which turned out to be way more difficult than we thought?! By 3 p.m. we were ready and took off for SeaTac…where all the crazy fun started! But I’ll save that for another post! Hope you all have a fabulous Friday!


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