way up north -part 1 [my.life]

One of my favorite things to do when visiting new places is to simply rent a car and drive for miles upon miles and see the countryside! We completely accomplished this in Alaska and put a good 2000 miles on our rental car.

The first day we drove down the coast to the Kenai Peninsula.  The thing about Alaskan drives is that they are full of incredibly majestic mountains, insane cloud drama and patches of amazing light everywhere! Everywhere you look its like…WOW…and then a loss of words and then you stop, pull off and take a picture!

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We found this cute old bus on the “resort” we stayed at…would be such an awesome senior session spot! And below some silly Alaskan things that amuse me….I call this cement block with flowers in front of it their idea of yard decoration!

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And not to forget the food….this bread was called California Sourdough but was actually made in Iowa.  Let’s just say that Iowa doesn’t know anything about California Sourdough…but it did make for some good sandwiches!

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Obligatory fish eye car shot! Such fun times in this car (good discussion, chocolate and loud music)!

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Coastal jumping photos…I think YES!

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Some seriously awesome scenery along this coast!

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At the end of the our drive we came to the little “interesting” town of Homer!

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Alaska towns have the most hilarious signage…here are a few examples.

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Apparently…if you wait here…you get a husband?! 😉

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And of a course, a traveling feet photo!!

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We saw a inland glacier on the second day!

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Lots of paparazzi on this shore!

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Alaskan foliage!

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I simply L.O.V.E. the below scenery…kinda made me fall in love with Alaska!

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